Tanaq Calculator Tool

Maintenance Strategy Calculator

This is a scoring matrix where 1 represents minimal importance or impact, and 5 represents extreme importance or mission-critical impact. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

Organizations can use this matrix as a guide to evaluate their maintenance needs. A higher score indicates a greater need for more sophisticated maintenance strategies like Predictive or Reliability-Centered Maintenance. It’s important to note that this matrix serves as a starting point, and organizations should consider other factors specific to their operations and industry when making a final decision.

Scoring Interpretation

  • Total Score 10-20 (Reactive): Best suited for situations with low criticality and impact of failure. Limited resources and technology integration, minimal regulatory requirements, and low risk tolerance.
  • Total Score 21-30 (Preventive): Suitable for equipment with moderate criticality and impact of failure. Some level of resource availability and technology integration, with moderate risk tolerance.
  • Total Score 31-40 (Predictive): Ideal for high-value, critical equipment with significant impact on failure. Requires advanced technology integration, skilled resources, and a moderate to high level of risk tolerance.
  • Total Score 41-50 (Reliability-Centered): Recommended for highly critical systems where failure has major operational, safety, or financial impacts. Requires significant resources, advanced technology, and a high level of risk tolerance.