To reach St. George you may fly directly from Anchorage or from St. Paul Island. Enroute to the Pribilofs you will traverse the Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutian Islands, renowned for their stunning array of volcanoes.

While visiting St. George, we welcome you to stay at St. George Tanaq Corporation’s hotel, the Aikow Inn. The European-style ten-room hotel, originally built by the federal government to house visiting officials, can accommodate eighteen guests. Visitors to St. George can hear the seals from their hotel rooms, and the island’s six different rookeries are all easily accessible for viewing and photography.

Please contact us to find out about hotel rates for visitors, guests, and Shareholders. You may be able to hire a guide to take you to see the bird and seal rookeries and other points of interest, or you may explore the island on your own. The St. George Island community welcomes visitors.

Plan on wearing warm clothing and good walking shoes, and be prepared for some cool, possibly rainy weather. Occasional poor weather may prohibit flying, so leave some flexibility in your travel itinerary. If planes cannot land or depart as scheduled, visitors are responsible for any costs incurred due to delays.